Ansley Park Gives Glowing Client Testimonial for MoboTour

Having great clients is what every company wants, however it’s not always the reality. It’s important to have engaged, active and helpful clients that want to work to make their business more efficient with technology and great customer service. Here at MoboTour we are extremely thankful and lucky to have fantastic customers such as Jane Harmon, Director of Security at Ansley Park; a shining example of how a trial turns into a great client-customer relationship.

we are grateful to have been able work with jane, and we’re thankful received the following feedback from her:

As Director of Security and resident of Ansley Park, I could not be more pleased with our decision to subscribe to MoboTour.

Jane Harmon

Director of Security, Ansley Park

Ansley Park is using MoboTour as solution for their security checkpoint touring, incident alerting, and reporting to fit their business needs. Jane reviews these often to make sure her staff are making their rounds, and that she has properly documented the safely of the area.

MoboTour solves the following in the most simple way:

  • Guard touring – checkpoint scanning
  • Customizable reporting – add your own logo!
  • Incident alerting
  • Cloud-based portal – login and you’re all set
  • Online and Offline capabilities
  • Activities – push out activities to your workforce
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android

MoboTour solves real-world problems with real-time accountability. Please reach out on our home page for more information about the most simple to you mobile app in the market and our economical pricing options.