Mobotour technology?

MoboTour was built using the most secure, scalable and innovative technologies available today. MoboTour uses a mobile framework to communicate between the mobile application and the MoboTour servers. This mobile framework is redundant and secure. The MoboTour.com server is a native cloud application deployed using open, mature, massively scalable and secure technologies. Login from anywhere in the world to see what’s happening and your facilities. Don’t want to login to review everything? Configure an alert to notify you if something happens that you weren’t expecting.

What operating systems does mobotour support?

Mobotour works with Android and IOS devices.

What devices does mobotour support?

Mobotour supports tablets, smart phones, and ipod touches

Is mobotour easy to set up?

No Installation Required!

Can you download a mobile app? Can you apply a QR Code sticker? Can you configure forms and tasks? Can you login to a PC? Then you can use MoboTour.com! If the answer is no to any of those questions, we provide a 100% guarantee that we can help you.

Why mobotour?
  • Price! We have no cost for hardware! Just subscribe to our Service. No Capital expenditure!
  • No Hardware! Just a mobile app, qr codes, forms and a secure cloud based portal to access your data.
  • Savings – How much would you spend with one of those Old School systems? How much just for the hardware? How long would it take to get it installed? That’s right – None of that applies to mobotour!
  • Scalable! We can grow as fast as you can. Need ramp-up today? We’re ready.
  • Security – Patrol – Neighborhoods – Schools – Zoos – You name it
  • Property Management – Security, Janitorial, Facilities Engineers
  • Technology – Take advantage of technology. It’s time to evolve from expensive, sluggish last generation systems
  • Experience – mobotour was founded by security, police and technology executive with more than 30 years experience!
  • Accountability – mobotour offers you the peace of mind of knowing you will always have insight into your information and properties – however it’s defined.
How much does it cost?

Whether you’re responsible for a security, properties, facilities, mobile workforce, responsible for 1000′s of client accounts, mobotour has pricing for you. We have NO hardware costs. Mobotour is a service that provides a FREE mobile application for your officers or mobile workforce. They simply scan our provided and configurable QR codes and submit configurable forms. The data is uploaded instantly to our secure cloud-based servers. From there, the data is made available via our organization and personal dashboards and reports. Slice, dice, filter or sort. Download if you’d like. It’s all available in real-time.

If you have a need for something not represented below, we’ll create something best suited for your organization.

  • No Hardware / Capital Costs
  • No Upfront Costs / Fees
  • Just Pay for the Service you Use – Subscription
How does it work?
  • Sign-up for mobotour
  • Configure forms
  • Configure tasks
  • Place your QR codes as needed
  • Download the mobotour mobile application to your Android/iPhone/iPad/tablet
  • Validate your account by entering your PIN into your Android/iPhone/iPad/tablet
  • Check off tasks
  • Submit forms
  • Scan the QR codes
  • Login to mobotour for real-time access to all your data
  • Have reports scheduled to your inbox instantly or daily
Who uses MoboTour?

MoboTour provides value to a variety of organizations. MoboTour primarily provides Verification and Accountability services to organizations that require security or patrol services. Specifically where businesses are hired to patrol and monitor. MoboTour provides the hiring business the ability to verify the patrol unit is actually performing the patrol (what they are being paid to do). This is done via a mobile app, QR codes, and a cloud-based portal to view the patrol data.

Here are a few business types we work with today:

  • Security Companies
  • Patrol Units
  • Facility and Maintenance Crews
  • Universities
  • Studios
  • Property Management Companies
  • Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Construction sites
  • Housing Authorities
  • Security Co-op’s
  • Neighborhood Patrols